One Solution to Selling a Fixer Upper

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Are You Selling a House In Need Of Updates & Repairs?

The Decision to Sell a Home Is An Important One…especially, when you’re Selling a Fixer Upper House.

If you need to Maximize the Value of your home…Pre-sale Home Renovation is a Solution which allows you to use the Equity in your home to make repairs and update the house, getting it Turn-key Ready to List on the MLS.

Pre-sale Renovations are Smart Updates to Increase the Value of the Home, Sell For The Highest Possible Price, and Make More Money!

Why Pre-Sale Renovation?

  • 58% Fewer Days on Market!
  • $50K Average Increase In Seller Profits!
  • 60% Faster Renovation Time vs. Traditional Home Improvement!
  • Fix Now, Sell For More, Pay at Closing!

Renovate Your House in Weeks – not months.

Includes a Project Manager Who Handles Everything for You!

Review My Guide and You’ll Learn…

  • What Today’s Buyers Want When Looking For a New Home
  • How to Attract More Buyers for Your Home!
  • A Solution to Sell Quickly, For Top Dollar

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